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Georgia Flooded Farms
Relief Fund

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The recent floods have caused a lot of heartbreak and damage to local, family farms. We are still assessing the situation as to the number of farmers that will need assistance and the extent of the losses. Some farms have extensive damage; they have lost all of their crops and suffered devastating livestock losses. Unfortunately, FEMA does not provide relief funds to farmers affected by the floods; they will only offer loans. In order to assist our local farmers we have created the Georgia Flooded Farms Relief Fund.

Donations will be provided directly to local, Georgia farmers in need. Please make checks payable to "Georgia Flooded Farms Relief Fund" and mail checks to

Georgia Flooded Farms Relief Fund
P.O. Box 2641
Smyrna, GA 30081



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Georgia Flood Flooded Farms Movie:

To see the five-minute film, A Portrait of Devastation: Love is Love Farm, CLICK HERE.

Apply for Funding from the GA Flooded Farms Relief Fund:

If you are a farmer who was affected by the recent floods, you can now apply for funding from the GA Flooded Relief Fund. You can apply online directly or download the application and mail it in. The application deadline is November 8, 2009. If you have questions about the application, please contact us at

To apply by mail use the button below to download the form as a PDF



Time For Lunch Eat-Ins. Thank You!

On Labor Day, over 20,000 people in all 50 states gathered together at nearly 300 "Eat-ins" to show their support for real food in schools. In Atlanta alone there were five "Eat-ins" throughout the city. Slow Food Atlanta is grateful to everyone who organized, made signs, brought picnics, told friends, and showed-up to demonstrate their support for food that's good for the children who eat it, good for the people who grow it, and good for the Earth. Thank you.